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Olympiad Results

Congratulations to all of the Olympiad participants and winners for the competition this year. With an unprecedented number of entries, the results were spectacular!

 2024 Olympiad Results

2024 Michigan Social Studies Olympiad Theme

"Stand Up!  Risk Takers and Change Makers"

Standing up for what you believe in takes courage and resilience, especially when the outcome of such actions are uncertain and if what one believes in may not be the norm of society or popular at the time. Studying history and the complexity of current issues shows us that some people or groups are risk takers and stand up under uncertainty and the fear of failure while others make the decision to not act. The theme “Stand Up! Risk Takers and Change Makers” provides students the opportunity to study historical and contemporary risk takers that have stood up for something they strongly believe in and who demanded change. Students are able to examine what motivated these change makers, what risks did they take, what were the outcomes of their decisions to stand up, and what impact did they have on society and possibly future generations?

2024 Registration Form (Print Copy)

2024 Registration Form (online)

2024 Olympiad Handbook

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