MCSS District Representative Map

The following MCSS District map can serve as a guide to select the district you are applying to represent. For members who reside in a different district from where they work/teach, MCSS encourages educators to apply to serve as representatives in the MCSS districts in which they work.  

District Representatives from even numbered districts are elected during even years.

  • District 2
  • District 4
  • District 6
  • District 8
  • District 10

District Representatives from odd numbered districts are elected during odd years.

  • District 1
  • District 3
  • District 5
  • District 7
  • District 9

The District Representatives shall serve a one-year term. 

District representatives duties include:

  1. attend Executive Board meetings;
  2. work toward the achievement of MCSS objectives and strategies;
  3. serve on one of the Strategic Plan Action Teams;
  4. become familiar with the MCSS By Laws and Policies;
  5. assist in identifying community resources in their districts;
  6. serve to communicate issues and opportunities to their constituents in their districts;
  7. submit pertinent District news article to the council’s official publications;
  8. represent their districts in advocacy efforts;
  9. attend the MCSS Annual meeting and assist at state conferences;
  10. submit a State of the District report at the final Executive Board meeting of the school year;
  11. Serve on various State level committees and testify at various hearings on pertinent social studies issues.

The President Elect shall serve one-year term as President Elect, one-year term as President, one-year term as Past President:

The President Elect duties include:

  1. submit goals and objectives at the beginning of his/her term which may by carried over into their term as president;
  2. assist the president as directed by the Executive Board;
  3. perform duties of the President in the President’s absence;
  4. fill an unexpired term of President in the event that a vacancy should occur;
  5. serve on the State Conference Program Committee;
  6. perform such duties and have such powers as are provided in these By-Laws or a directed by the President and/or the Executive Board.

The NCSS Delegate at large shall serve a two-year term.

The NCSS Delegate at large duties include:

  1. serve as a member of the MCSS Executive Team and the Executive Board;
  2. attend meetings of the House of Delegates of the NCSS and prior briefings;
  3. be the liaison between the House of Delegates of NCSS and the state council;
  4. arrange for caucuses of all delegates from MCSS prior to the meetings of the House of Delegates;
  5. in conjunction with the Executive Director , President and President Elect fulfill obligations to the Great Lakes Regional Coordinating Committee including summer planning meetings; 
  6. perform such duties and have such powers as are provided in these By-Laws or as directed by the President and / or the Executive Board.

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